Sunset & Sunrise

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If you'd really like to discover when the Sun's going to rise or to set, you can't miss this really cool Shortcut: it localizes you, wherever you are, and - using your latitude and longitude -, finds when the sunrise or the sunset is going to happen. In other words, it tells you how long you have to wait till the next "event" (or how long has it passed since the last one).

By just tapping a button - or asking Siri with your voice -, you get all this information in a compact and cool notification. You only have to wait some seconds and the result will be sent to you as a notification.

How to install it

Firstly, you should download Siri Shortcut on your iPhone, so that you can import this Shortcut into the app. Tap on the "Get shortcut" blue button on the bottom. Now, everything's set: you only have to run it!

How to make Siri run this Shortcut

Well, it's very easy now. Tap on the top-left button (which you can see in the picture) and then on "Add to Siri". You'll be asked a trigger to run this Siri Shortcut: you can say almost whatever you want. If your iPhone understood correctly, click "Done" and you'll be able to run your this random-image-getter every time you speak it's command to your device.



Using this Siri Shortcut is a breeze: you literally have to tap only one button (or none, if you trigger it by a Siri request) to get the sunrise and sunset time (both in relative and absolute format). When you run this Shortcut you should wait some seconds and, when you iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) gets all the data it needs, it sends you a notification. It's that easy.

So, as you may have seen, this Shortcut is very user-friendly and I hope you'll love it. Have fun!


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