03/04/2019 Marco Garosi 0

If you’d like to find the right Gif at the right time, this Shortcut is what best suits your needs: you can’t miss it! Have fun with your mates!


Sunset & Sunrise

27/03/2019 Marco Garosi 0

If you’d really like to discover when the Sun’s going to rise or to set, you can’t miss this really cool Shortcut. Sunset & Sunrise was created to help you!


ISS Finder

07/03/2019 Marco Garosi 0

If you love looking at the sky and really like to see the International Space Station – also known as “ISS” -, you can’t miss this fabulous Shortcut: it finds wherever it is and opens the Map App showing its current location, so that you can really discover whether what you’re looking at is the ISS or just a common satellite.


Connect Siri Shortcut to IFTTT

28/12/2018 Marco Garosi 0

If you have any IFTTT-compatible device, then you definitely need this Siri Shortcuts: it allows you connect Siri to your smart devices by using your IFTTT account. Here’s how it works.